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Colt Firearms Vintage Patch

Patch Dimensions: 4" W x 2" H

Patch Backing:  Iron-on

Patch Border:  Merrow

Patch Condition:  Mint, Unused

This Colt firearms embroidered vintage patch is a great way to show your appreciation for the Colt brand. It's a unique piece of memorabilia that will make any firearm owner happy and give them something to treasure for a lifetime. These patches can be worn and washed for many years, ensuring your loyalty to the Colt brand stays strong.

The Colt Horse logo was created in 1953 by designer Cosmo Anzilotti when Colt Firearms Company asked him to create the brand's first logotype. The logo is emblematic of the steed since ancient times — a powerful, loyal and enduring animal — evoking the spirit of courage and fortitude that has been an integral part of Colt’s history. The company had also used a depiction of a horse as early as 1847 on its packages.