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Richardson 112

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Hat Info The Richardson 112 has become the most iconic structured "trucker" cap out there today. Although many people think trucker caps should have a huge front crown, the Richardson 112 is a mid-profile hat which works for almost everyone. Just high enough to accommodate most patches, without needing to worry about the hat being too deep to sit comfortably.

The one downside is that once a patch gets to 3" in height, we consider it to be too large for this hat. The natural curve in the crown creates rippling in the patch when stitched. When this is the case, you'll notice that we only offer higher crown hats as an option when buying with a patch.

Size: OSFM (7 – 7 3/4")
Panels: 6
Crown Height: Mid-Profile
Visor: Slightly Precurved
Closure: Plastic Snapback
Sweatband: Cotton

Our Opinion
** Note from Josh (Pickwicks owner):

Many people try the 112 and never stray from it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a stable full of 112's, but I always urge customers not to be afraid of branching out and trying other Richardson offerings. I test every blank hat that we offer and I'm constantly surprised how comfortable and proportional each Richardson hat fits on a variety of head sizes/shapes.

Being a 6 panel hat, there's a seam that runs right down the middle of the front crown. This helps to create a perfectly even shape, but I've found that around 50% of the time I'll feel the extra bulk of that seam under the sweatband on my forehead. I also turned my socks inside out as a kid because I could feel the toe seam so you could probably say I'm more sensitive to this issue than most, but if you think this might also be an issue for you, you should definitely give the 5 panel choices a shot.