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Thompson Tommy Gun Vintage Patch

Patch Dimensions: 4" W x 2" H

Patch Backing:  Iron-on

Patch Border:  Merrow

Patch Condition:  Mint, Unused

This vintage Thompson Tommy Gun patch is a perfect way to express your love for classic firearm nostalgia. Made of a durable cotton fabric and measuring 4" wide and 2" high, this patch is the ideal size for rocking on your favorite denim or canvas jacket collar or shoulder.

The intricate detail includes an intricate recreation of the iconic Tommy Gun silhouette, providing maximum visual impact to any outfit.

The Thompson Machine Gun, or 'Tommy gun', was invented by John T. Thompson in 1919 and was one of the first weapons to use a firing mechanism similar to that seen on modern machine guns. This made it among the most lethal weapons developed during World War One, as it allowed its user to fire an incredibly high rate of shots per second.

It saw extensive use during both World Wars, and even up until Vietnam, where it was utilized for its various specialized fairings such as being water cooled or fitted with a drum magazine. The Thompson Machine Gun left an indelible mark on American military history due to its reliability, accuracy and ease-of-use in virtually any combat situation.